Quote of the day: "Have a time and place for everything, and do everything in its time and place, and you will not only accomplish more, but have far more leisure than those who are always hurrying.--Tryon Edwards"

Business Organizing Services

We assist and encourage the organization and its team to identify and implement systems that are easy to follow, reduce work place stress and increase productivity to suit their goals. Filing systems can be a backbone of the business when done properly, yet paper management can be difficult; Time spent looking for misplaced document costs the business time, money and damages the reputation of a business. We will set up information and records management systems that work better for your business. Our network of service providers and business alliances allow us to extend broad innovative, cost-effective solutions for consumers, business entities as well as non-profit organizations. What we do:
  • Paper Management.
  • Filing Systems.
  • Space Planning.
  • Office Supply Organization.
  • Storage/Inventory and Supply Room Organizing.

Productivity and Time Management

Is your team NOT totally clear about WHAT exactly needs to be done? OR do not have good enough systems in place to manage the process?

At Elite Organizing Services, we offer different productivity solutions to help you improve your personal habits and systems:

  • One-on-one productivity coaching
       75-90 minute sessions of customized productivity work
  • Productivity Workshop.
       This six-week workshop provides immediate solutions to help you be more productive, feel a sense of relaxed
       control, and enjoy life more.

Process Documentation

We at Elite Organizing Services understand that in your fast moving corporate world, you hire competent staff who are experts at their jobs, which is what makes your organization successful.

However, we also understand that many organizations would like to improve their audit outcomes in both internal and external audits simply by addressing the lack of documented processes.

For this reason, we have invested in well experienced professionals who will meet and interview your employees, get to understand how they do what they do and then prepare well organized documentation for all your processes. We can work either from a plain drawing board or from the results of your last audit and address any/all identified process gaps.

We undertake this task so that;

  • Your staff can concentrate on doing their jobs.
  • When we are done, the induction of your new staff will be much more seamless, because they will have all the
        detailed, easy to follow processes that defines exactly what is expected of them.
  • Similarly, job rotation and delegation will be seamless.
  • Your suppliers too will easily deliver to your required standards.
  • Managing performance, delivery and quality, becomes second nature to your staff and business partners.

Business Concierge Services

Elite Organizing Services provide a unique tailor made corporate concierge service that is provided with maximum discretion. Whether you are a large corporation, foreign investor, upcoming or young entrepreneur, Elite Organizers will provide you with all the support you need to establish your company by;

  • Assisting you to acquire all necessary documentation to get established.
  • We will be your “GO-TO-GUY” in chasing up the papers for your registration.
  • For young entrepreneurs, we will connect you with financial institution and organize your trainings.
  • Additionally, Elite Organizers will assist you by being your personal assistant until you are established
        enough to have one in your own office.