About the Founder & CEO

Nasra Karl Mbululo, Professional Organizer and Member of Professional Organizer Association Africa (POAA) - is the founder and CEO of Elite Organizers Co. Ltd, a Professional Organizing company based in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Elite Organizers Ltd is the first Professional Organizing Company in Tanzania which provides Organization Solutions, Concepts and Productivity Systems for Businesses and Home based business, Residential and individuals. We offer easy to follow and customized solutions for your organizing dilemmas.

Certified by Get Organized Training & Development Institute in South Africa and education background in International Business Management, extensive experience in hospitality industry and privilege to work in Luxurious Hotel chain, Nasra have worked in different departments and working directly with clients, this helped her acquired organizing skills, strong interpersonal skills. Naturally she has friendly personality and an eye for fine details. She works well with Media, government and corporate entities. She is resourceful, problem solver, goals and results oriented. In addition to that her experience in developing office systems, policies and procedures has taught her the value of organization at the business level.

“Having growing up in a family with a philosophy of WASTE NOT, her mom leftovers from dinner would turn in to yummy breakfast, taste lunch or a meal though out the day. Her parents taught her and her siblings to recycle everything from dresses to become skirts, trousers turned shorts old furniture worked on until they were as better as new. Their mom was a hands-on mom, being a professional banker she would work full time and yet return home to her hobbies, embroidery, cooking, reading books, translating and proof reading books gardening and all other domestic activities. With no maids at home this environment shaped Nasra and her 7 siblings in a way that everyone knows what to do, when to do it, how to do it and where everything belong.” Nasra understand the complexities of today’s high performance families. Having grown up in a big family, she also know first-hand what it takes to organize a busy family and keep a household running smoothly. With this understanding, her focus to clients is to teach them how to achieve professional and personal life balance through organization habits. “

“I love Organizing and bring order to spaces; it gives me that sense of peace and mental clarity. Organizing has always been the source of calmness and focus in difficult situations. I will clean, organize and reorganize until there is order in my mind and the space I am working on.” – N.K